Artificial insemination

In artificial insemination our medical team will control the evolution of your reproductive cycle to determine the optimal moment to achieve pregnancy. At this moment, medication favoring ovulation is applied. The couple’s or the donor’s semen is processed in the laboratory to improve the quality of the sperm, and it is introduced in the uterus. Fertilization of the ovule occurs in the uterine tubes, in a similar manner than that of a spontaneous, natural pregnacy. It should not be confused with la in vitro fertiliztion.


After menstruation and once it has been confirmed by ultrasound that both the uterus and the ovaries are in good condition, daily administration of low doses of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is started, with the objective of inducing the growth and maturation of 1 to 3 ovarian follicles.

This process lasts an average of 10 days requiring a first ultrasound control on day 6-7 of stimulation and subsequently 1 or 2 successive controls. When your gynecologist determines that the follicles show proper maturity, ovulation will be scheduled by the administration of a single dose of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin.

The day on which the insemination is scheduled, the sperm, be it the donor’s or the couple’s, depending on the case, is processed in the laboratory to select the sperm with optimal functional characteristics to produce fertilization.

An assessment of the quality is performed before and after the selection

With the use of a thin cannula, right there in the doctor’s office and in an entirely outpatient manner without the need for anesthesia, the seminal sample is carefully placed within the uterus. In a completely natural manner the sperm will move from the uterine tube, when it will come into contact with the egg and fertilization will occur.

14 days after insemination, by a urine pregnancy test, we will be able to confirm the success of the treatment and begin the controls typically conducted during pregnancy.


Artificial insemination is the right technique for couples that are having difficulty achieving pregnancy, in whom a specific cause for infertility has not been found or in those in which the cause is associated with a mild male factor or a mild ovarian dysfunction. 

For artificial insemination to have adequate chances of success the woman should be under 38 years old, she should maintain a correct ovarian reserve for her age and have patent, functioning Falopian tubes.

This technique is also suitable for single women or those with a female partner, and in this case a donor’s sperm is used.

Another indication is the need for sperm washing in serodiscordant couples to minimize the risk of transmission of diseases such as HIV or hepatitis.


The percentage of couples that become pregnant after one cycle ranges from 10 to 20 %.  However, different factors can affect these rates of success, including the seriousness of the sterility problems detected, sperm quality, as well as age. We should highlight the importance of conducting a detailed study of the causes of sterility prior to the indication of Artificial Insemination, to rule out any alteration that compromises the results described.


The probability of becoming pregnant is approximately the same in the first 3-4 attempts. Beyond that, the probability of pregnancy decreases; therefore, if pregnancy is not achieved after 3-4 cycles, indication of more complex and efficacious techniques such as IVF would be considered.
Under 40 years of age
Over 40 years of age
Laura y Diana
Laura y Diana
Inseminación artificial con donante

“Excelente trato, grandes profesionales, ¡repetiremos seguro!  
La verdad es que nos sentimos muy acogidas por esta gran familia, y el doctor nos encantó!” 

mom dad and baby. Loving parents with their cute little son
Laura y Víctor
Inseminación artificial

“Si no hubiese sido por el CRA, Irene no existiría. Especial agradecimiento al equipo médico por su honestidad y ánimos”. 

Olga Vallejo
Olga y Anna
Inseminación artificial con donante

” Sabía que no siempre sale a la primera pero confiaba en que lo conseguiríamos. Y así fue”

inseminación artificial clinica barcelona
Verónica y Edgar
Inseminación Artificial

“Llegamos a la clínica con pocas esperanzas tras mucho tiempo intentándolo . Cuando conocimos al equipo médico, la confianza fue ciega y nos lanzamos a por la primera inseminación. Hoy ese acierto se llama Claire y tiene ya 15 meses. Animo a todas las mujeres que han tirado la toalla a que lo intenten y no pierdan nunca la esperanza. Todo el equipo es muy familiar, reconozco que yo fui muy pesada… jajaja. Pero jamás tuvieron una reacción negativa, al contrario, siempre me apoyaron en todo momento. Muchas gracias a tod@s por hacer nuestro sueño realidad. “

inseminación artificial clinica barcelona
Veronica & Edgar
Artificial Insemination

We arrived at the clinic with little hope after a long time trying, and when we met the medical team, I felt blind trust and we went for the first insemination. Today Claire is 15 months old. CRA Barcelona team is awsome. I have to admit that the treatment was too much for me … hahaha, but they never had a negative reaction, on the contrary, I felt supported all the time. Thank you very much to everyone for making our dream come true.

Laura y Diana
Laura & Diana
Artificial insemination

Great professionals, we will repeat for sure!
We feel very welcomed by this great family, and we loved Dra. Molfino !

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