Egg freezing, a safe and simple solution to be mother

Egg freezing in Barcelona

The lengthening of the studies, accessible and well-controlled contraception, the professional investment, the desire to live a stable and lasting relationship, have led to a delay in the desire of pregnancy. However, from the age of 35, there is a decrease in the fertility of women, which becomes more marked after 38 years. After 45 years, the chances of pregnancy are worthless.

Egg freezing is a safe, simple and fast solution for all young women wishing to release themselves from the biological clock and an insurance of living, at the appropriate time maternity. It consists, after a stimulation and an ovocyte puncture, to ultra-quickly freeze the eggs collected, for later use. Once the eggs are vitrified, they no longer degrade anymore and keep intact their fertility such as it was at the time of vitrification. The mother to-be will get a pregnancy when she whishes it and by using her own genetic capital.

Even if the ideal is and will always to make children as soon as possible, egg freezing makes it possible to the women to become mothers after having achieved their projects and to grant their dreams first….