Your dream to form a family closer than ever

Depending on your project of maternity, age, and reproductive health we will establish the most adequate method for you. We understand that, on before hand, you do not have a fertility problem. That is why we will only conduct the necessary fertility tests based on the treatment you wish to follow.


In Spain, women couples have the exact same rights as heterosexual couples. Back in 2006, the Assisted Reproduction Act was changed to specifically recognize that both women shall be the biological parents of the newborn baby thanks to assisted reproduction techniques.

Only if you wish to follow a reciprocal IVF known as ROPA Method -reception of the eggs from the couple- the law establishes that you need to be married which is why you will need to bring us your family book.

Whenever you decide to start the process of pregnancy, you will need to sign a prior consent document that will establish that both of you agree on following the fertility treatment. This document will be your legal guarantee, in the eyes of any third parties, that you both decided to conceive through an anonymous donor. No one will be able to file a paternity lawsuit.


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The sperm sample comes from a prestigious international sperm bank that has been licensed by the Spanish Ministry of Health. According to the law, all sperm donors are anonymous and the confidentiality of the donor’s identity is the sole responsibility of the fertility center.

Donors undergo the most advanced diagnostic tests available today to reduce the risk of hereditary conditions.


Here at CRA Barcelona we are very demanding and on top of the tests mandated by the law, we conduct the genetic carrier screening in all our donors to rule out the presence of more than 300 genetic conditions. Also, we give the future pregnant woman the possibility to undergo the same test in order to make a better selection of the donor and minimize the risk of any serious hereditary conditions that may be transmitted to the baby.


When it comes to selecting the right donor we always look for the closest possible physical resemblance to the pregnant woman and the physical features of the future non-pregnant woman are taken into consideration too. Mathing blood groups are also taken into account.

The best results in the most natural way possible

Before insemination or in vitro fertilization, we double check the sample after thawing. Our biologists examine the quality of the sperm sample -mobility, morphology, vitality, and concentration of sperm- and wash out any antifreeze material it may have.

Once you have become pregnant, you can make a pre-reservation of the donor’s sperm samples in case you wish to use it to conceive a second baby in the future.


We totally understand the non-pregnant woman’s wish to participate in the process of conceiving the future baby. Our experts will do everything in their power so you both feel taken care of at all time.

During natural and artificial insemination, and only if you say so, our gynecologist will offer the option of injecting the sperm sample when the cannula is in the uterus of the future pregnant woman.

LGBT Lesbian Couple Moments Happiness Concept
Laura y Diana
Laura y Diana
Inseminación artificial con donante

“Excelente trato, grandes profesionales, ¡repetiremos seguro!  
La verdad es que nos sentimos muy acogidas por esta gran familia, y el doctor nos encantó!” 

Laia y Raquel
Laia y Raquel
Fecundación In Vitro

“Fuimos por recomendación de otras amigas, y la verdad es que nos dieron la confianza que necesitábamos”. 

Agatha y Montse
Àgatha y Montse
Fecundación In Vitro

“Si no hubiésemos tenido mellizos, habríamos repetido. Encantadas con el Dr. Herrero, las enfermeras y todo el equipo”. 

Olga Vallejo
Olga y Anna
Inseminación artificial con donante

” Sabía que no siempre sale a la primera pero confiaba en que lo conseguiríamos. Y así fue”

Método ROPA Barcelona experiencia
Laila y Júlia
Método ROPA

“Estamos muy contentas como ha ido el proceso de embarazo y con el Dr. Herrero. Siempre nos ha tratado con mucho amor. ¿Qué más podemos decir? Si todo el proceso nos ha llevado a tener a la mejor hija del mundo.”

Agatha & Montse

We felt supported by everyone. Dr. Herrero was very personal and knowledgeable. Went over everything and he was extremely patient with all the questions we had.

Laura y Diana
Laura & Diana
Artificial insemination

Great professionals, we will repeat for sure!
We feel very welcomed by this great family, and we loved Dra. Molfino !

Laia y Raquel
Laia & Raquel

We came by the recommendation of some friends, and the truth is that CRA gave us the confidence we needed.

Método ROPA Barcelona experiencia
Laila & Júlia
Reciprocal IVF - ROPA Method

We are very happy with the  process and with Dr. Herrero, he has always treated us with a lot of love. What else can we say? CRA helped us to get the best daughter in the world. ❤️❤️

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