Pioneers in spain on natural insemination – safer and more effective than self insemination
  • No ovarian stimulation: unless there are conditions or diseases affecting your regular ovulation process, we will be following the evolution of your natural cycle.
  • Using ultrasound scans, we will determine which are the best days for you to become fertilized – which is more reliable than baseline temperature.
  • The day that you’ll be inseminated, the doctor will place a cannula inside the woman’s uterus to increase the chances of conceiving compared to placing the cannula inside the vagina.

The safest and most natural way to become pregnant


We will be by your side you during the entire process to solve all doubts you may have. Your peace of mind and well-being come first.

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Natural insemination with sperm from an anonymous donor is the least invasive medicalized assisted reproduction therapy and has full protection and security standards.

  • The sperm sample comes from an internationally acclaimed sperm bank.
  • Choosing the anonymous donor will be based on the pregnant mother’s blood group and her physical features.
  • El donante ha sido sometido a un
  • The donor has undergone the genetic carrier screening.
  • Double check of the sample after thawing. Our biologists will examine the quality of the sperm and then will proceed to wash it out in order to avoid introducing in the woman’s uterus any antifreeze material it may have.
Inseminación Natural
No ovarian stimulation No ovarian stimulation
Not very effective control based on baseline temperature Effective control: an ovulatory cycle and ultrasound scans to know the optimal ovulation moment
Introduction of the sperm through the vagina Introduction of the sperm through the uterus
Sperm sample with antifreeze material Clean sperm sample and double quality control
Genetic carrier screening
raquel madre soltera
Inseminación Natural  

“El Dr. Herrero era alguien que me entendía, entendía por qué no quería hormonarme. Me transmitió mucho sentido común. La inseminación fue en un ambiente muy natural, muy relajado, sin problemas”.

raquel madre soltera
Natural Insemination

Dr. Herrero understood me, he understood why I preferred the most natural treatment, with the least medication. The insemination was in a very natural environment, very relaxed, without problems.

Madre soltera

La vida es tan bonita con Abel. Tanto. A pesar de los obstáculos, a pesar de los días grises, a pesar de todos los pesares…
Gracias a vosotros mi sueño se hizo realidad solo puedo decir GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS por cambiarme la vida.

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