Reciprocal IVF - ROPA Method


WHAT IS reciprocal IVF or Ropa Method ?

The ROPA method is an in vitro fertilization treatment devised for female couples. ROPA stands for “Reception of Ovocytes from Partner”.

Through this assisted reproduction technique, eggs are donated from one woman to the other, the future pregnant mother. This way, you both participate in the gestation process and you are both an active part thereof.


The ROPA Method is a variant of in vitro fertilization in which we should synchronize your ovulation cycles.

One of the treatments with the best rates of pregnancy, around 70%

The woman contributing the egg will undergo ovarian stimulation.  This process will last at the most 12 days. Then the eggs are retrieved by an ovaraian puncture under sedation, a quick and painless process. In the laboratory, the eggs will be fertilized with the sperm from an anonymous donor and the embryos will be transferred to the uterus of the woman who will become pregnant.

In addition to the tests the law demands, in our center, every sperm donor undergoes a genetic disease carrier Test, to rule out around 300 diseases.

This test can also be taken by the woman contributing the egg, to minimize the possibilities of transmission of genetic diseases.


Even though the success rate of the ROPA Method is one of the highest in assisted reproduction treatments, around 70%, success of pregnancy is closely linked with the age and ovarian reserve of the woman donating the egg.

Another important factor to take into account is the condition of the uterus of the woman who will carry the pregnancy; any pathology can diminish the odds of pregnancy.

Before performing the ROPA Method, we will check the reproductive health of both of you, and depending on the results and your maternity project, we will propose the best treatment to follow.

Reciprocal IVF Ropa Method
Laura y Diana
Laura y Diana
Inseminación artificial con donante

“Excelente trato, grandes profesionales, ¡repetiremos seguro!  
La verdad es que nos sentimos muy acogidas por esta gran familia, y el doctor nos encantó!” 

Laia y Raquel
Laia y Raquel
Fecundación In Vitro

“Fuimos por recomendación de otras amigas, y la verdad es que nos dieron la confianza que necesitábamos”. 

Agatha y Montse
Àgatha y Montse
Fecundación In Vitro

“Si no hubiésemos tenido mellizos, habríamos repetido. Encantadas con el Dr. Herrero, las enfermeras y todo el equipo”. 

Olga Vallejo
Olga y Anna
Inseminación artificial con donante

” Sabía que no siempre sale a la primera pero confiaba en que lo conseguiríamos. Y así fue”

Método ROPA Barcelona experiencia
Laila y Júlia
Método ROPA

“Estamos muy contentas como ha ido el proceso de embarazo y con el Dr. Herrero. Siempre nos ha tratado con mucho amor. ¿Qué más podemos decir? Si todo el proceso nos ha llevado a tener a la mejor hija del mundo.”

Agatha & Montse

We felt supported by everyone. Dr. Herrero was very personal and knowledgeable. Went over everything and he was extremely patient with all the questions we had.

Laura y Diana
Laura & Diana
Artificial insemination

Great professionals, we will repeat for sure!
We feel very welcomed by this great family, and we loved Dra. Molfino !

Laia y Raquel
Laia & Raquel

We came by the recommendation of some friends, and the truth is that CRA gave us the confidence we needed.

Método ROPA Barcelona experiencia
Laila & Júlia
Reciprocal IVF - ROPA Method

We are very happy with the  process and with Dr. Herrero, he has always treated us with a lot of love. What else can we say? CRA helped us to get the best daughter in the world. ❤️❤️

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