The benefits of an assisted reproduction treatment in Barcelona

traitement de reproduction assistée à Barcelone

The benefits of realising an assisted reproduction treatment in Barcelona are numerous. In terms of assisted reproduction, Spain is the country with the best results in Europe and one of the best in the world. As Spanish legislation is more flexible, treatments can be carried out without discrimination of age and regardless of your family situation or your nationality.

With more than 30 years the reproductive medicine, Barcelona is full of experts and qualified and dedicated professionals who will treat your fertility problems, without waiting list and with personalised and adapted treatments. Quality and success rates in Barcelona are above the European average because the city is home to the best infertility clinics in Europe, including several excellent clinics, pioneers in this field and avant-garde in terms of techniques and research, resources and know-how . These clinics are surrounded only by highly qualified and experienced professionals, who dedicate themselves to each pacient and each story, offering personalised treatments and special attention with one goal: your baby.

Tourism and Pregnancy

As an historic city, the Catalan capital has many tourist attractions and remains, in Spain the city where concentrate the best fertility clinics in Europe. Barcelona is a dynamic and modern city, both open to the world and anchored on its traditions, where a multitude of different nationalities and cultures mingle and merge.

Barcelona enjoys a very pleasant climate, 300 days of sunshine a year, which makes it an ideal destination to combine medical trip and take a few days of vacation in a city visited by millions of tourists every year. Huge beaches, exceptional city center, rich cultural and architectural heritage, it is highly recommended to visit the old town to stroll through its narrow streets, visit its churches, cathedrals, palaces, museums and shops.

Finally, a delicious cuisine and a friendly population with which contact and exchange are easy will allow you to forget the main reason for your move: your medical treatment to have a child. You will enjoy the serenity, confidence and well-being necessary for assisted reproductions treatment in Barcelona.  You will fall in love with this city and come back, no doubt for a family vacation in the future.

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